I’ve spent a lot of time struggling with the idea of writing online.  My idealist  desire for wanting to be able to write without holding back anything, say what I really feel.  The truth is that writing online comes with the same rules as speaking.  Freedom of speech is real, and so is accountability. 

My hope with this planning page is that I’ll be able to write with a purpose.  Sharpen the skills of communication while also sharing and documenting the ideas we have for future hiking.  Planning a trip is the best part of any trip.  Anything is possible during planning; options become super finite when boots are on the ground.

If planning for our future trips is anything like our first 131 mile section hike, you will get to see a great plan get created before the hike, and then watch as none of it actually happens while we are on the trail.  The beauty of planning is that it’s important and irrelevant, just like everything else in life.  What’s the point?  You won’t understand until you get there.  Perspective.